The Innovation Grant has been established by the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association (PFRA) to help support new ideas and initiatives that will increase professional standards and the long-term sustainability of face-to-face fundraising in New Zealand. 

The aim of the Grant is to fund ideas and opportunities that:

  • Provide public confidence

  • Promote excellence

  • Promote member due diligence

  • Strengthen responses to issue and reputation management.


Who can apply?


  • Existing members of the PFRA including charity, agency and associated member organisations

  • Previous members who participated in the original special project*

  • Individual face-to-face fundraisers or agency representatives

  • Councils and Business Associations

  • Members of the public and anyone who has interest in seeing a positive impact and investment in the long-term sustainability of face-to-face fundraising in New Zealand.

Innovation Grant Criteria


​Each application will be assessed on its merits, however there are some key criteria that applicants will need to meet to be considered:

  • Applications  must demonstrate a clear articulation of the proposition's value to face-to-face fundraising, and

  • Applications must demonstrate their value to the PFRA and our members.

Additional points to factor into consideration: Does your proposition...

  • Consider the donor experience?

  • Consider the needs of multiple charities / agencies / stakeholders as part of the project to ensure broader engagement and value add to the sector?

  • Address a root cause?

  • Take an innovative approach to problem solving?

  • Take an investment and/or sustainable approach?

  • Leverage existing platforms and assets that can be developed?

How to apply


Simply complete the application form here and we'll be in touch.

Applications are now open and will be assessed by the review committee as they come in.

Any questions?


Please email: to discuss your application or any questions you have.