Actively regulating face-to-face


The Public Fundraising Regulatory Association (PFRA) actively regulates all face-to-face fundraising in New Zealand.

Face-to-face fundraising raises ongoing, regular donations (usually by direct debit or credit card) from donors through street or door to door fundraising, or charity street trading.

Over 98 thousand New Zealanders chose to sign up to regularly support a charity in 2018,  and over $59 million was received by charities via face to face fundraising in 2018. Over the last 9 years more than 640 thousand people have signed up, and over $400 million has been received by their chosen causes through this type of fundraising. 

35 charities and suppliers operate within the PFRA. Any organisation conducting face-to-face fundraising in New Zealand should be a member of the PFRA.

All members sign up to a strict code of conduct called the PFRA Face to Face Fundraising Code of Conduct or the Standard of Charity Street Trading. All Supplier members are accredited .

PFRA operates within New Zealand's charity sector, working very closely with the Fundraising Institute of NZ (FINZ). We also align internationally with standards for face-to-face fundraising in Australia and UK through an alignment with their PFRA organisations.