Public Complaints Policy

Public Complaints Policy

The Public Fundraising Regulatory Association (PFRA) values feedback from members of the public. Complaints and suggestions can be made in a variety of ways, including by email, phone or via our website. All complaints and suggestions will be taken seriously.

Complaints and suggestions made by the public are used to help us to hold members accountable and uphold the professional standards of Face-to-face Fundraising. Should a member be found in breach of the Code of Conduct, the PFRA have the authority to issue a range of fines and penalties to that member for not upholding the professional standards.

1.0 Purpose

    The purpose of this policy is to set out:

    • The principles we will apply when dealing with a complaint and issue, and
    • The process we will follow when dealing with a complaint from a member of the public.

    2.0 Scope

    This policy applies to any complaint made by a member of the public about any PFRA member, staff member or Board member.

    This policy does not apply to complaints made by PFRA members about another member, staff member or Board member. Complaints of this nature will follow the PFRA Member Complaints Policy and Procedure.

    3.0 Principles

    The PFRA aims to resolve complaints in the spirit of the following principles:

    • Fairness
      the process should be fair to all parties
    • Accountability
      the process should determine accountability, provide outcomes, and give reasons for decisions
    • Accessibility
      the process should be available to all, in plain language and at no cost
    • Excellence
      the process must be effective, timely and properly documented
    • Integrity
      the process should be adequately resourced and ensure fines and penalties are seen to be effective and enforceable


    4.1 All complaints are logged on the PFRA Issues Register when received regardless of how they are received (email, phone or via the PFRA Website). The Issues Register will be kept updated while dealing with the complaint.

    4.2 The National Manager will investigate the complaint within 14 days and determine if there has been a breach of:

    • The PFRA Constitution
    • The PFRA Code of Conduct
    • The PFRA Rules & Standards
    • Any other rules or bylaws

    If no breach is found

    4.3 The National Manager will consider the complaint to determine whether changes should be made to the PFRA Rules and Regulations (listed in 4.2).

    4.4 The National Manager will respond to the complainant to advise them that their complaint has been noted and:

    • What action has or will be taken
    • Or if no further action will be taken and why.

    If a breach is found

    4.5 The National Manager will forward the complaint to the person or organisation complained of for response. The complaint will be anonymised if needed. The person or organisation complained of must respond within 14 days.

    4.6 The National Manager will consider the matter and either:

    • decide how the complaint will be resolved in line with the PFRA Complaints Policy and Penalty Policy, or
    • choose to escalate it to the PFRA Board.

    When a complaint is escalated to the Board they will review and respond to the complaint within 14 days.

    4.7 The National Manager will contact the complainant and provide details of the action taken.

    4.8 The National Manager will monitor the outcomes of complaints and take appropriate action to prevent further complaints from arising in the future.


    5.1 A member of the public may appeal a decision made to the National Manager or the PFRA Board Chair.

    5.2 When a decision is appealed it will be escalated to the Board for review and response within 14 days of receiving the complaint.

    5.3 The decision made on appeal is final and the complaint will be considered closed once the appeal has been completed.