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Information for councils and local authorities

The support of councils and local authorities is essential for our charity members who use face-to-face fundraising to fund their vital work and services.

Face-to-face fundraising provides New Zealand charities with significant funding, allowing them to carry out vital services for local communities across Aotearoa and to work to solve some of the greatest global issues.

Without the support of local authorities, charities would not be able to engage with the public and ask the public for monthly donations that provide support and services for their beneficiaries.

The role of the PFRA is to make sure that the right balance is maintained between the duty of charities to ask for donations and the right of the public not to face undue pressure to give.

Regulating & Rostering Council Street Sites last year


Local Councils


Fundraiser mystery shops and audits


Unique street sites monitored


Street sites rostered

Working together
Local councils and authorities

By working with councils and local authorities, we ensure that sites comply with specific licence rules and existing bylaws and that sites are safe for fundraisers and the public to engage in a conversation about supporting a charity with a monthly donation.

We do this by:

  • setting the Code of Conduct and best practice standards members adhere too
  • licencing fundraisers
  • rostering and resting sites
  • identify suitable sites that meet accessibility guidelines
  • mystery shopping and monitoring fundraiser compliance
  • managing and investigating public complaints
  • ensuring only accredited members have access to public sites

This provides public trust and confidence that all members carrying out face-to-face fundraising have met our strict Accreditation process and comply with our Code of Conduct.

Should members be found in breach of any site rules or our Code of Conduct the PFRA can issue fines to members for non-compliant activity.

How do we roster sites?

The PFRA work with local authorities and business associations to ensure that face-to-face fundraising does not grow beyond an acceptable level for local communities.

We understand that what works in one area will not necessarily work in all areas. The PFRA can tailor the rules for members in a way that best balances the requirements of a local community with the ability of charities to raise funds to deliver services.

This includes carefully rostering and resting sites using unique business rules for sites & members to ensure ongoing sustainability and access to sites.

Currently, we are successfully operating rosters for Councils in the wider Auckland, Wellington, the Hutt, Hamilton, Waikato and Christchurch areas.

These cities have been assessed to make sure that we are managing fundraising to ensure sustainability and prevent any further growth beyond what is an acceptable level for each city.

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Seen a fundraiser in your local area?

What to look for:

  • the fundraiser must always wear charity branded clothing
  • have an ID badge clearly visible
  • show a copy of their Fundraising License (Auckland & Wellington) when fundraising on public or council property
  • proof of permission to fundraise on private property

What to expect from fundraisers in public places:

  • to always be polite, professional and respectful
  • they are not to approach people who are seated or waiting in a queue
  • they are not to obstruct the public
  • they are not to initiate physical contact with you
  • they must not follow you down the street
  • they must stay in the location they have been assigned by the council permit
  • they must not stand too close to the kerb
Interested in having PFRA roster sites in your city?

With the PFRA as a single point of contact for Councils, and Business Associations we are able to maintain excellent communication and manage issues and any public complaints or feedback about members activity quickly and efficiently.

You might consider working with the PFRA to if:

  • You have regular visits from face-to-face fundraisers across one or more different locations;
  • You'd like to exercise greater control over how, where and when fundraisers are present in public spaces;
  • You're looking for a one-stop shop for enforcing best practice public engagement programs and responding to concerns and issues about face-to-face fundraising.

This service for councils is completely free. 

The PFRA is funded by charities and provides a range of services free to councils and local authorities. The benefits of self-regulation for charities come from long-term sustainability and mutually beneficial relationships with local authorities, business associations and communities. 

The PFRA provide you with access to our Locations Manager system so you have real-time visibility over where fundraising activity is taking place.

If you work for a local authority and would like to find out more about how the PFRA could support your regulation of fundraising, please get in touch with the PFRA to discuss how we can help.

Information for Business

Local retailers partnering to support New Zealand charities. By allowing our charity members to stand outside your store, you're supporting charities to help those in need in your communities and those overseas.

What to expect from our member's fundraisers

  • Happy, well-presented, polite and respectful fundraisers
  • They will have a professional and tidy set-up
  • They will ask you where you would like them to set up/ stand to ensure zero disruption to your customers
  • All fundraisers are fully trained on our Code for Conduct for face-to-face fundraising and are required to follow all Covid-19 safety protocols.

Our members

39 charities and suppliers operate within the PFRA. Any organisation conducting face-to-face fundraising in New Zealand should be a member of the PFRA.

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