Public Fundraising Symposium: Getting it Right (Regulation & Best Practice)

Public Fundraising Symposium
Getting it Right (Regulation & Best Practice)

The Public Fundraising Symposium is an event designed to help charities and their partners build and sustain compliant and sustainable public fundraising programmes. It brings together experts from the fields of fundraising, compliance, data protection, law, finance and human resources to provide a comprehensive overview of the regulatory landscape and best practices for public fundraising. 

Programme Sessions
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Managing A Regular Giving Donor Acquisition & Development Programme
It’s All About Relationships – from the start

It’s All About Relationships – from the start

Damon Woolley (MSF), Mick Rose (Community Solutions) and Kerry Johnstone (AIDA) will take you on a deep dive into what face-to-face donor acquisition best practice looks like and how to shape it in your organisation.

  • Choosing a supplier / Choosing a charity
  • Building a vital and strategic supplier-charity partnership
  • Responding to complaints & positive feedback
  • Tracking performance and key indicators of success
  • Managing a supplier / Managing a charity


Kerry Johnstone | Aida | General Manager NZ

Mick Rose | Community Solutions 

Damon Woolley | Médecins Sans Frontières

Processes & Procedures
The engine room of effective Regular Giving

Processes & Procedures – The engine room of effective Regular Giving

Mel Jenkins (Raisers Hub) and Trilby Benge (IHC) will look at the importance of getting your processes and procedures right and the huge impact this can have on the success of your Regular Giving fundraising activities. Don’t let your eyes glaze over, this is where the gold is in Regular Giving programmes and this will be a chance to learn and share.

  • Debiting of monthly donations (credit card & direct debit)
  • Failed transaction processes (credit card & direct debit)
  • Reactivation calling
  • Upgrading
  • Monthly or four weekly transactions
  • Conversion of single gift donors to Regular Giving
  • Automation of processes

Session Speakers:

Mel Jenkins | Raisers Hub

Trilby Benge | IHC

Onboarding & Donor Journey
Ties That Bind

Onboarding & The Donor Journey | Building Friends for Life

Christine Hoey (Save the Children) and Damon Woolley (MSF) will look at tested ways that work in onboarding new donors and then guiding amazing donors along a donor journey. These best practices have been tested and proven.

  • A case study that proves to align your onboarding journey with the F2F pitch really matters
  • What to include & how to get it right
  • Understanding your cause and how donors relate
  • Finding the right level of communication
  • Responding to calls
  • Managing cancellations & complaints
  • Development & Upgrading
  • Innovations & what the future may look like

Session Speaker:

Christine Hoey | Fundraising & Marketing Director | Save the Children NZ

Greg Millar | IHC | National Fundraising Manager

The Benchmarking Project
Top Trends and Data Insights

Fi McPhee Head of Insights from The Benchmarking Project, will deliver a session focussing on analysis of top line trends in key regular giving metrics based on data from leading New Zealand charities.

Session Speaker:

Fi McPhee

A Sustainable Future
How to align your programme to achieve your goals

Sustainability in fundraising programs requires a strategic and thoughtful approach that considers your financial returns and profitability. By focusing on the following key areas, charities can build strong, sustainable fundraising programs that support their mission and make a positive impact on the world.

  • Goals and Strategies: Messaging, metrics and monitoring
  • Diversification of funding sources: How to compare apples with apples 
  • Continuous Improvements: Failures, learnings, improvements and success.
Data Governance
Protecting Donor Data

Attendees at this session will gain an in-depth understanding of the key concepts and best practices involved in managing data for fundraising activities. This session will explore the various legal and regulatory requirements governing data collection, processing, and storage, and provide insights into the latest industry trends and emerging technologies.

The session will start with an overview of data governance and its importance in ensuring compliance with data protection laws and ethical standards.

Throughout the session, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in interactive discussions and case studies, designed to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration. Don't miss this incredible chance to learn from the leading experts in data governance and fundraising compliance! Hear powerful insights, get access to innovative tools, and take-home strategies that will improve your organisation's data governance.

Attendees will leave the session with a deep understanding of data management for fundraising, as well as the skills to practice compliance and ethical standards.

Session Speakers:

Joel Nicholson & Lauren James | LemonTree

Cold Acquisition
Doing the two-step

How a quiz, a human touch and a dose of humour achieved regular giving success for Breast Cancer Foundation NZ.

After several successful warm recruitment campaigns, Breast Cancer Foundation created a new regular giving product called “the Zero Club” in 2019/20 and put together a proposal for a cold acquisition campaign.

This session looks at:

Our strategic approach to cold acquisition, how we got the campaign proposal across the fine, the importance of our agency partnerships and the journey we took donors along.....and the results from our trial campaigns.

    BCFNZ is now looking to the future and how to make our acquisition campaign an always-on campaign and part of business as usual.

    Session Speaker:

    Jane Carlson, Individual Giving Manager, Breast Cancer Foundation NZ

    Keeping you safe with new contracts
    What your organisation needs to consider when entering a new supplier/charity contract

    What are the key principles of contracts when outsourcing services to a third party, the key provisions to think through and how do you manage and hold others to account? What should you look for before engaging a third party?

    Session Speakers:

    Steven Moe | Parry Field Lawyers

    Employment Law
    Getting it right with employees and contractors

    This will be an interactive discussion on key considerations for both direct employment of staff as well as independent/subcontractor models.

    Session Speakers:

    Craig Clarke and Steven Moe | Parry Field Lawyers

    Data Warranty Register
    How the register supports greater industry compliance and best practice

    The Marketing Association is the industry body for all marketers, with a key priority to ensure that self-regulation continues in the industry and that they play their part to assist marketers to stay on the right side of the many laws that affect the industry today.

    Regarded as a key asset, customer and prospect data is now at the very core of most businesses and the proliferation of media channels means it is now more critical than ever to collect, store, manage and use data about identifiable individuals professionally, legally and ethically and to be seen to be doing just that.

    You’ll learn about the Marketing Association’s Data Warranty Register – what this means and why it’s important to any organisation involved in data collection, storage and use.

    They will also touch on their other services such as the Name Suppression Service, Do Not Call and Do Not Mail.

    If you are committed to best-practice marketing and fundraising, you won’t want to miss this session.

    Session Speakers

    Debbie Curtz & Tricia Pink | Marketing Association