Our Covid-19 response

The PFRA is committed to protecting public trust and confidence while ensuring the safety of our fundraisers and members of the public at all times.

Our response
CovidSAFE Fundraising

The PFRA supports the Government and the Ministry’s efforts to encourage take-up of the vaccine as high vaccination rates will not only protect our communities and keep people safe but will also mean we rely less on lockdowns in the future. This provides more certainty for the future and allows face-to-face fundraisings to return to normal sooner and enable us to start to reconnect New Zealander’s with the world.

The PFRA supports members making decisions that are right for their own staff and organisations, provided that these are in line with the Government, MBIE, Ministry of Health and WorkSafe New Zealand.

To achieve this aim, the PFRA strongly recommend that all members carry out their own thorough risk assessment and develop mitigation strategies and messaging that enable them to safely and compliantly carry out face-to-face fundraising.

CovidSAFE Fundraising Rules and Standards

The PFRA CovidSAFE Rules and Standards are in place to keep the public and our members’ fundraisers safe while representing their causes and beneficiaries.

All fundraisers must complete the PFRA online Covid-19 Health and Safety training module before they return to fundraising.

All members and fundraisers must report any CovidSAFE breaches of their Health & Safety Policy to the PFRA. 

Members of the public are also encouraged to report any concerns about members behaviour or activity while fundraising to the PFRA for further inquiry and investigation. You can do this by emailing info@pfra.org.nz or calling 022 061 3643.

Feedback or complaints?

Have you seen or experienced any behaviour from a face-to-face fundraiser that you feel doesn’t reflect our code of conduct?

We take complaints seriously and use suggestions to learn and improve our professional standards. Feel free to leave feedback or call us.