Aida For Good

The Aida Group of companies includes both Aida for Good and Aida Connect. 

Aida has been providing clients with quality results since 2002.  We have been supplying donors via face-to-face regular giving programs in New Zealand since 2008.  

Aida for Good provides our clients with the confidence that our agents are compliant, our processes are sound, our administration is strong, our training is complete and our passion is unmatched.   

Aida Connect offers the strength of our 70 seat call centre with highly trained agents working with worlds best technology to leverage the results experienced by our clients in welcome calls, upgrading donors and cross-selling.  

If you are interested in utilising our experience and would like to engage Aida for either face-to-face or call centre activity then please contact Kerry Johnston directly on +64 21977480


Level 8, 
342 Lambton Quay


Tel: (04) 974 9099