This Code of Conduct applies to all PFRA members conducting charity street trading activities in New Zealand.

Charity Street Trading activities means the sale of products or services in public places (usually public streets) or door to door, to raise funds for a non-governmental organisation (NGO). It includes, but isn’t limited to the sale of supporter badges and greetings cards.

It does not include the sale or promotion of an organisation’s services to its users, a one-off event by a local organisation in one location such as a sausage sizzle or garage sale nor commercial partnerships where a company uses a charity's name and logo to promote its own products or services.

For the purposes of this document, charity street trading is classed as a ‘sale’ and NZ law applies. This code seeks to regulate trading team behaviour and site management and rostering of street sites.

PFRA Charity Street Trading Code of Conduct

Charity Street Trading