Information for Councils

The PFRA regulates face-to-facefundraising activities for Councils. This significantly reduces the burden on Councils to organise, roster and monitor this type of fundraising, but still gives the Council total control.

We don't charge for this service. The benefits of self-regulation for charities come from long-term sustainability and mutually beneficial relationships with Councils, Business Associations and communities.

Face to Face Fundraising

Providing a strict code of conduct to which all charities must comply, ensures a greater sense of monitoring and regulation for Councils in addition to their specific licence rules and existing bylaws.

The PFRA imposes and implements a series of penalties for non-compliance or infringement of PFRA Standards.

We will work with Councils to ensure that only reputable organisations are licenced or allowed to use this means of fundraising in their cities.

We will manage infringements and complaints around face-to-face fundraising.

PFRA Management

With the PFRA as a single point of contact for Councils, and Business Associations we are able to maintain excellent communication and manage issues very quickly.


Developing monthly city rosters for Councils ensures sites are limited and rested to provide ongoing sustainability and maintain good relationships with local businesses and associations.

PFRA Today

Currently we are successfully operating rosters for Councils in the wider Auckland, Wellington, the Hutt, Hamilton, Waikato and Christchurch areas.

These cities have been assessed to make sure that we are managing fundraising to ensure sustainability and prevent any further growth beyond what is an acceptable level for each city.